Echo Hose Ambulance Training Center

Echo Hose Ambulance is a not for profit organization that serves the City of Shelton.  Echo Hose Ambulance has the responsibility of responding to almost 5,000 emergency calls each year.  Our ambulances are staffed 24/7 by 130 volunteers, 30 per-diem staff and five full time employees.

Echo Hose Ambulance is committed to providing excellent patient care and employing the very best trained technicians.  Training is a major focus of Echo Hose Ambulance and over the years have trained and helped certify thousands of Emergency Medical Technicians as well as thousands of lay persons in CPR and First Aid.  Echo Hose Ambulance and its training center staff are committed to providing high quality classroom instruction to our residents and students. 

Echo Hose Ambulance offers Emergency Medical Technician classes every September, January and June at our training center located at 286 Howe Avenue in Shelton.  Our staff not only teach at our facility but also have had the pleasure to teach at many local high schools, fire departments and universities. Our experienced team of instructors each have over 20 years of emergency services experience as well as classroom teaching experience.  Our dedicated team of instructors pride themselves on ensuring all students have a positive learning experience and proceed forth to pursue very successful careers using the skills they learned while attending classes here at Echo Hose Ambulance.

Besides Emergency Medical Technician classes our team helps host and coordinate EMT practical exams with the State of Connecticut which helps candidates complete a portion of their certification requirements.  Community education and public health is a large focus of our department and we provide monthly free CPR and First Aid Training to our residents of Shelton.  We also understand the importance of keeping up to date with new education practices and continuing education.  To help ensure our members and other members of public safety organization have the proper training we offer bi-monthly Emergency Medical Technician Re-certification  classes, international speakers as well as local healthcare experts who provide monthly training to EMT's and Paramedics.  With the recent emphasis on Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Echo Hose Ambulance offers many levels of FEMA classes and domestic preparedness classes from teaching agencies from around the country.

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Echo Hose Training Center
286 Howe Ave.
Shelton Ct. 06484
Cell 203.231.3421

Patrick Lahaza
Education Coordinator
Paramedic Coordinator
Echo Hose Ambulance Corp

Michael Chaffee, NREMT-P
Chief of Service
Echo Hose Ambulance Corp
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