COVID-19 Policy

The Echo Hose Training Center takes the health and safety of all students, instructors and visitors very seriously.  With the current Covid-19 Pandemic in mind, the Echo Hose Training Center has put into place new protocols to protect everyone.

With Recommendations from CDC and the Governor’s office, we have come up with the following policies and procedures to protect you and our staff during this Pandemic, and still allow you to maximize your skills training. Groups of five students(Only)

  1. All Students must wear a mask or face cover (Gloves provided).  We ask that you bring your own face mask.  It must be worn at all times while in the building.
  2. All Students must bring in the Respiratory Screening Sheet found on your Jones and Bartlett Page. A new one must be brought to every class
  3. All Students will have their temperature taken before entering building.
  4. Each room has five tables set up, one for each student.  They are spread out with social distancing in mind.
  5. All rooms and equipment has been sanitized prior to each class. 
  6. Any equipment that is used must be wiped down by the students with the provided wipes.
  7. Some skills exercises require students to be in close contact with each other. (Gloves provided)    If anyone feels uncomfortable doing that, there is a full body mannequin in the rooms that can be used as an alternative.
  8. Breaks for each classroom are scheduled to ensure there is not a rush for bathrooms. 
  9. After using the bathroom, we asked that toilet seats, handles, stall doors, faucet handles all be sprayed down with the provided spray.  Doors will be left open to ensure fresh air movement.
  10. We encourage everyone go outside during the 10 minute break to get some fresh air and possibly remove their mask for that time for a break.
  11. Do not wander the building.  Stay only in the room you are assigned to. All other rooms will be locked. 
  12. If at any time any student is found to not be following these protocols, possibly putting the health and safety of the other students at risk, that person will be asked to leave the Training Center by the Instructor.  The ability to return the next scheduled day is at the discretion of the Training Center Education Coordinator.

If at any time a student does not feel comfortable performing any tasks, or has a concern about their health and safety, they can stop participating as well as leave without any consequence.

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